Boston Symphony Orchestra

Beyond Measure

For the musicians and music fanatics within Libretto’s ranks, the opportunity to develop a messaging platform for the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s upcoming fundraising campaign was a dream come true.

While interviewing major donors and other key stakeholders as part of our discovery process, we heard unforgettable stories about their deep emotional connection with the orchestra and its historic venues. When asked why he supported the BSO, one donor replied, “I kissed my sweetheart in the groves at Tanglewood, and she became my bride.” Anecdotes like this led us to recommend the creation of a distinct theme for the campaign. After showing a breadth of options to the BSO’s senior leaders, Beyond Measure emerged as the clear winner.

For the messaging platform, Libretto developed a mnemonic that helped campaign leaders frame the initiative around three key areas: Players (the artistic enterprise), Places (Symphony Hall and Tanglewood), and Programs (education and community outreach). We also developed several collateral pieces for the quiet phase of the campaign based on the messaging framework. Both the campaign identity and collateral program were developed in conjunction with our creative partner, Stoltze Design.

A Theme With Variations for Orchestra