Earth Institute at Columbia University

Unprecedented Challenges, Extraordinary Solutions

During our first conversation with Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, he explained, “I can relate my story in an hour; I need you to help me tell it in 15 minutes.”

This is the kind of assignment we live for: Translating a global thought leader’s ideas into compelling, accessible content that motivates a smart, caring audience.

We consolidated the Earth Institute’s nine areas of focus into four pillars: Research, Education, Action, and Outreach. In addition to working with Dr. Sachs and other key stakeholders to finesse EI’s messaging platform, we also developed a theme for the Institute’s $300 million fundraising campaign – Unprecedented Challenges, Extraordinary Solutions. Libretto also contributed content for collateral materials and a customizable donor presentation featuring other world-renowned EI faculty members drawn from the more than 800 scientists who work with the more than 30 research centers at the Institute.

800+ Scientists. 30+ Centers. Four Words