A Collective Effort to Fight Hunger

Portrait of a young girl eating at a table and smiling.


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We’re committed to supporting organizations that do good in the world. And we’re especially proud to have recently named one of them.

As the Seacoast Family Food Pantry in Portsmouth, NH, celebrated their 200th anniversary in 2016, the organization reflected on their mission, identity, and who they hoped to be in years to come. While meeting the immediate needs of hungry local families is and always will be an important part of their mission, new and innovative programs that treat the root causes of hunger have become a growing focus of the organization. It became apparent to the leadership team that they would benefit from a name that better represented the breadth of services they offer.

Libretto was honored to donate our time and expertise to address this challenge. As we spoke with members of the organization and learned more about the various ways that they support and empower those affected by hunger and related issues, we understood that their organization had grown to embody much more than a food pantry—it had become an active hub and an important meeting place both for those in need and those able to offer a helping hand. We set out to identify a name that would represent the varied nature of the organization’s work, translate well onto various mediums of communication, and reduce any stigma associated with their services.

When we proposed the name Gather to executive director Deb Anthony, she immediately recognized the potential. “Gather represents our mandate to gather together all the resources, community leaders and brain power to not only offer food assistance, but to offer the kind of support that can truly change lives and communities.”