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Project spotlight

Boys of Promise. Men of Character.

Revisiting a literary love

A Haunting House

I’ve revisited Housekeeping numerous times; it’s a story that enfolds you, grips you, and steals your heart.

by Neal Kane
In the classroom

My Favorite Teacher: JoAnn DaSilva

Mrs. DaSilva transformed my perspective on the ways historical phenomena have been serialized and given validity over time.

by Ian Sutherland

"You can have positive fallout. What if you're talking about a piñata?"


"Four writers. Ten minutes. One comma."


It's not all rainbows and unicorns.

Libretto Mantra #3

More on this as it deteriorates.

Libretto Mantra #2

Do not hurry; do not rest.

Libretto Mantra #1

It doesn't take a lot of time, but it doesn't take no time.

Libretto Mantra #4

This isn't a library, and it isn't a playground.

Libretto Mantra #5

Two people is not a collaboration.

Libretto Mantra #6

No fault, no blame.

Libretto Mantra #7

Trust, but verify.

Libretto Mantra #8