Lawyers for Civil Rights

New Name. New Look. Same Mission.


  • Communications Strategy
  • Institutional Messaging
  • Name

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice has been a major force in the fight for racial justice since their founding during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. In anticipation of their 50th anniversary, the organization engaged Libretto and our design partner OverUnder (OU) to reinvigorate their brand, develop new messaging, and revamp their website—helping assert their continued relevance and attract new supporters.

Following a discovery process that included meetings with the Board of Directors and interviews with key stakeholders, Libretto developed a messaging platform that reflects the organization’s celebrated history as well as their ongoing, innovative efforts to advance and protect the civil rights of people of color and immigrants.

One of the key findings that arose during our discovery process was the extent to which the organization’s name—The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice—represented a liability. Simultaneously too hard to remember and too similar to the name of the national Lawyers’ Committee organization, the name caused more confusion than clarity. Based on Libretto’s recommendation—and thanks to our compelling presentations to the Board advocating for change—leadership resolved to take on a new organizational moniker: Lawyers for Civil Rights (LCR).

The new identity, logo, colors, name, and messages are showcased on LCR’s new website, which highlights the organization’s essential work to redefine what it means to live and participate equally in our society. In a political moment that poses increasingly dire threats to the rights of our society’s most vulnerable members, Libretto is proud to work with an organization fighting on the front lines for equality and justice.