Deerfield Academy

An Extraordinary School. An Extraordinary Engagement.


  • Communications Strategy
  • Admissions Materials

Deerfield competes for the best students and most discerning parents from across the country—and around the world. If you want to stand out in this crowd, you need to do something spectacular. That's what they asked from us.

We spent multiple days on campus, meeting with students and faculty members, sitting in on classes, sharing a table for a family meal in the Dining Hall, and absorbing the idyllic environment that is Deerfield’s alone. Relying on the wealth of insights we heard during this robust discovery, we developed a messaging platform that articulated Deerfield’s rigorous academics, dynamic community, and curiosity-fueled learning. These themes reflected the vision of Dr. John P.N. Austin, Deerfield’s current head of school, who embraces the enduring power of the liberal arts and encourages students to explore complex subjects and ask uncomfortable questions.

For their admissions materials, we highlighted the school’s five core values and the beauty of Deerfield’s natural setting to set them apart from their peers. This was captured in the simple phrase found on the cover of one of the pieces: This must be the place. Since many students and parents turn to the internet to learn about the schools they are considering, we were challenged to set a new standard for printed admissions materials. In collaboration with our design partner, Stoltze, we developed a concept that would pass this high bar, creating an interactive solution that dovetailed with the information on the website. The final product featured three “viewbooks” joined together within a single slipcase that inspired and rewarded the reader’s engagement, resulting in a premium admissions suite of a scale and quality that few schools could match—and fewer would dare to attempt.

In other words, this must be Deerfield.