College of the Holy Cross

What It Means to "Ask More"


  • Communications Strategy
  • Admissions Materials
  • Web Writing

The College of the Holy Cross is one of the nation’s leading liberal arts institutions, offering a rigorous education in the Jesuit tradition. The College called on Libretto to give voice to the characteristic that defines their community: An ongoing commitment to always Ask More.

Libretto developed a complete suite of admissions materials that leveraged the College’s new identity and tagline—“Ask More”—as part of an institutional initiative to refresh the Holy Cross brand. After completing an extensive discovery process that involved senior administrators, faculty, and students, we developed a concept that used provocative questions to express both the evolved brand and the spirit of inquiry that drives the Holy Cross community.

The viewbook employed striking, dynamic visuals and interactive gatefold pages that balanced the contemplative nature of headlines such as “What does it mean to live on a hill surrounded by people who aspire to move mountains?” We also created an engaging counselor piece that challenged preconceptions about the school.

Following our work on the admissions materials, Libretto wrote approximately 100 pages of content for the relaunch of the College’s website. Building on the voice and style of the admissions effort, we generated content for the site’s most visible and mission-critical pages. Both projects reflected Holy Cross’s efforts to adopt a bolder and more adventurous voice.