Sounds Like Groundbreaking—And It Is


  • Communications Strategy
  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Messaging
  • Campaign Case Statement
  • Fundraising Communications

Having successfully completed its first-ever capital campaign, Berklee College of Music was in the process of launching a more ambitious, far-reaching second campaign.

Libretto was initially engaged to develop a messaging platform and case statement around an internally developed theme, which was also drawn from a song title. Based on our discovery findings, Berklee’s senior administrators asked Libretto to explore new theme candidates. After presenting alternate ideas that included phrases based on song titles and other music-related concepts, Berklee chose Soundbreaking as the theme for its $100 million initiative.

According to Berklee President Roger Brown, “Soundbreaking has a Berklee-like quality. ‘Breaking’ implies innovation—something new, something iconoclastic, something that hasn’t been done before. And ‘sound’ is what we’re all about. But sound is also a metaphor for a strong, stable institution. Soundbreaking is what we’re hoping to be, both literally, with a brand new building, and metaphorically, with new programs and innovation.”

In addition to completing the messaging guide and case statement in conjunction with kor group, our creative partner, Libretto also provided content development services for the campaign website.