MIT: The Human Factor

The Analytical Elegance Perseverance Curiosity Factor


  • Communications Strategy
  • Campaign Name
  • Fundraising Communications

Like many of our dozens of MIT projects, Libretto’s theme for the Institute’s interim campaign—which focused on student life and learning—needed to reflect both MIT’s leadership in science and technology and its excellence in the humanities, arts, and social sciences.

Communications for The Human Factor highlighted diverse, inspiring, articulate MIT undergraduates who provided an eloquent refutation of the “pocket protector” culture associated with the school. Our theme quickly morphed into a platform: “The Human Factor” became “The Analytical Factor,” “The Elegance Factor,” “The Perseverance Factor,” “The Curiosity Factor,” ad infinitum.

The campaign raised $500 million over a nine-month period without ever entering a public phase. The communications program, which included an identity developed by Adam&Co. and groundbreaking videos directed by Seftel Productions, received an International CASE Award and set a new standard for philanthropic communications.