What We Do

Communications Strategy The bigger picture

“We think our company’s name may be limiting our growth.”

“We want more purple hair on our campus.”

“What tools do our board members need to solicit six-figure donations?”

Successful communications programs don’t exist in a vacuum; they complement and give voice to an organization’s most ambitious strategic goals. Libretto’s consulting services provide clients with a forum for exploring the how, what, and why of their communications initiatives as a prelude to projects involving our other services. These efforts range from revitalizing an annual giving program to structuring the business plan for an independent record label. Our consultations with executives and senior administrators are characterized by quick thinking, fresh ideas, and an emphasis on linking high-level strategy with focused execution.

Strategic Services

Qualitative research
Experiential discovery
Communications audits
Competitive analysis
Communications plans

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Messaging Platforms A solid foundation

"I rely on this document every day."

"I don’t think anyone has ever come as close to powerfully evoking what makes us special as you have here."

"I've had my company for eight years – now I can say what we actually do."

“Messaging” is a term that’s often misunderstood. For us, it’s about helping clients achieve internal alignment around their beliefs and priorities, and then creating a platform they can use to share their story in presentations, online, and in print. From elevator pitches and brand pillars to targeted messages for key audiences, Libretto has completed dozens of successful messaging engagements for prestigious institutions and private-sector organizations. We have a well-deserved reputation for delivering robust, elegantly crafted messaging guides that help clients speak with a clear, differentiated, and unified voice. These guides form the basis for the public-facing communications that they (or we) go on to develop.

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Content Development Ideas in action

"Guys, you killed it. Beautifully written, well-constructed, and succinct."

"We're extremely happy with how our case statement turned out."

"The viewbook really brings to life what we're all about."

From fundraising appeals and website pages to viewbooks and advertising, your organization’s most critical content-driven projects need – and deserve – the skills of highly talented writers who reward the attention of thoughtful audiences that have limited time. Expressing ideas that matter through words that move is Libretto’s reason for being. Our team brings an exceptional breadth of experience and depth of capability to their work, enabling us to execute large, complex, and nuanced projects at a high level of quality and speed. Our collaborative model allows us to test and refine our ideas internally, review work repeatedly before it’s seen by the client, and deliver drafts that are polished, concise, and on target.

Writing Services

Brochures and viewbooks
Fundraising appeals and case statements
Video scripts

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Names and Themes Distilling the essence

"Your theme helped us transform our culture of philanthropy."

"The essence of our school is captured so beautifully in this campaign name."

"People are really responding to the name you came up with for our program."

A name or theme is the ultimate conversation-starter for an organization, initiative, or event. Naming projects are extremely challenging, hugely enjoyable, and one of our greatest strengths. (Exhibit A: We’ve created themes for fundraising efforts representing several billion dollars of donations.) Clients come to us for names and themes that surprise, delight, and resonate with the audiences they hope to reach. They love us because our work in this area clears the high bar we set for ourselves: to pinpoint a meaningful word or phase that lingers in the mind, pleases the ear, and feels inevitable. 

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