Dana Hall School

A Future That’s More Than Bright


  • Communications Strategy
  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Messaging
  • Institutional Messaging
  • Admissions Materials
  • Campaign Case Statement
  • Web Writing
  • Tagline

Libretto was engaged by Dana Hall in 2019 to develop a messaging platform and a new suite of admissions materials that reimagined and reinvigorated their brand.

In collaboration with our design partner Stoltze and photographer Tom Kates, we shaped a suite of admissions materials that helped launch the new brand under the tagline “Audaciously Herself.” When Dana Hall redesigned their website two years later, we did much of the admissions-related writing. 

In 2023, Dana Hall again engaged Libretto and our partners at Stoltze to develop a theme and fundraising materials for their $75 million campaign—the largest in the school’s 142-year history. The theme we developed, Fearless Futures, honored the courageous spirit of Dana Hall students, who are known for taking on big challenges, overcoming obstacles, and succeeding with grace. Stoltze channeled the undaunted energy of the theme into a bold visual identity that featured vibrant colors and the motif of arrows pointing toward tomorrow. 

We developed additional communications materials as part of the campaign launch, including a case statement that featured stirring profiles of Dana Hall alumnae in an interior foldout on the piece’s central spread, which opened to unveil a unique pathway design illustrating each woman’s “fearless future.” We then developed a script for a campaign video, which featured the voices of a variety of stakeholders and leaders—including Katherine Bradley, the current head of school—and developed the content for the Fearless Futures website. 

Fearless Futures will fuel the diverse and distinctive tomorrows that Dana Hall’s students will pursue—and create. We were proud to help give voice to their vision.