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  • Communications Strategy
  • Institutional Messaging

MIT Sloan Management Review engaged Libretto to help them distinguish themselves amidst a crowded landscape that includes other business journals like Harvard Business Review, and respected publications under the MIT umbrella like MIT Technology Review.

After conducting interviews with members of the editorial and sales teams, we developed a messaging platform that included an elevator pitch and editorial approach, a selection of keywords, and six key messages arranged into Principles and Differentiators.

The messaging platform is centered around the idea of “technology-fueled management,” representing the editorial team’s belief that just as technology has transformed every aspect of management across industries, the content they publish about management is inherently also about technology. The messages provide language that positions the Review as a respected journal of original research, but with a distinct practical bent that ensures no ideas remain trapped in the ivory tower. Upon completion of the messaging, we conducted a hands-on training session with 13 staff members focused on articulating the Review’s value in forms ranging from sales pitches to social media posts.

At companies ranging from born-digital startups to enduring corporate powerhouses, every function in today’s business landscape is shaped by technology. MIT SMR celebrates this reality with editorial decisions that are particularly focused on how digitization is transforming the ways we work and lead. We dig into the trends, systems, and theories that power savvy and successful organizations, enabling our readers to capitalize on the technologies and strategies that are revolutionizing the world of management on a daily basis.

Excerpt from the MIT Sloan Management Review messaging platform