We Should Do This More Often

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On Friday, May 1, we threw the metaphorical switch from our former website to this sleek new design, created by the talented Ben Whitla. While the nearly 20-month process wasn't without the occasional challenge, it has been incredibly gratifying to receive such warm words of congratulations from so many of our clients, partners, and friends – it's almost got us thinking we should do this more often. Thank you for sharing your best wishes with us, and for your support and collaboration in this, our twentieth year of business.

“I love the new site. As predicted by the email announcement's subject line, I personally couldn’t turn away. Congrats!”

“Great site and identity refresh! Love it.”

“Love the new website. Excellent content and design. Congrats!”

“LOVE the logo!”

“Great site, look, and feel. Hope it brings in lots of business for you!”

“Congrats on the new site and logo! Looking and sounding great! Here’s to your continued success.”

“Great job on the logo and website! I enjoy the references and significance of your new mark.”

“Love the new logo!”

“Just so you know – the equations are f***ing brilliant.”

“Beautiful, and inspiring. Way to go!”

“Love so much about the new look. Congratulations!”

“Your website is an artistic and intellectual oasis in an endless sea of mediocrity.”

“Beautiful new logo and website. I look forward to checking out the blog, too. Very cool!”

“I came. I looked. I liked. Congratulations to you all on the new look and site!”

Our team horsing around at a recent party hosted by one of our design partners.

Our team horsing around at a recent party hosted by one of our design partners.

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