What We Believe and Hope to Achieve

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As a small communications firm of six full-time employees, it’s inevitable that our individual personalities will make their way into our professional lives. It’s also one of the reasons our clients hire us. Our diverse collection of experiences – which include touring the Northeast with a rock band, publishing a novel, performing a year of service with Americorps, and teaching classes on immigration and art in Paris – inform and inspire our work.

Our personal values, too, come to bear on the communications we create at Libretto, and we take pride in completing engagements for organizations whose mission and purpose align with our shared vision for the world. It’s no accident that so many of our clients are educational institutions, nonprofits, and arts organizations, and that the majority of them are based locally.

We believe strongly in the power and importance of education, as well as in the ability of colleges and universities to advance our collective knowledge of the world and improve the quality of life of everyone who lives in it. Whether we’re creating a website to promote groundbreaking research at MIT, developing campaign communications for Salem State University, or reimagining admissions materials for the Art Institute of Boston, we wholeheartedly devote our creative energy to projects that promote and support education, learning, and research.

We are also connected – and committed – to our local community. Our neighborhood in the South End has changed and evolved over the past 20 years, but Libretto’s belief in the importance of community has remained steadfast. In addition to our work for international organizations such as Partners In Health or Pathfinder International, we seek out projects for agencies that directly serve the people of Boston and New England. Nonprofits like Pine Street Inn, Hebrew SeniorLife, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay, RFK Children’s Action Corps, and Gather play an integral role in improving the community we live and work in, and we’re thrilled to provide messaging and communications in support of their missions.

We also take pride in working for clients that enrich the cultural landscape of our city. It has been an honor to develop communications and marketing for such legendary Boston institutions as the BSO, the Huntington Theatre Company, and the Handel and Haydn Society, and we hope – and believe – that our work with organizations like ArtsBoston, the Boston Book Festival, and the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) has had a hand in elevating the city’s overall artistic and cultural status.

The credit for our clients’ extraordinary impact on the world lies with the organizations themselves; our role is to help them articulate what they do, aspire to, and stand for. But we are motivated by the knowledge that our efforts play a part in helping to ensure their success.

The holiday season and the closing of another year inspires us to reflect on what we have accomplished and to look ahead to what we aim to achieve next year. At Libretto, this involves thinking about what we can do to help create the kind of world we would want for ourselves, our children, and future generations. It’s a tall order, but we can start by standing up for a number of essential values: inclusivity, access, and tolerance; innovation and the dissemination of knowledge and information; the creation and distribution of art and the nourishing of young artists; social justice and the rejection of oppression and marginalization in all forms.

These shared values, which have defined the firm for over 20 years, solidify and enrich our relationships with each other, with our partners, and with our clients. Libretto is a business, but we make sure it’s a business we can believe in. Here’s to another year of doing our part.

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